Indy Ref 2014


The Scottish Independence Referendum of 2014
18 September 2014

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Articles and Links

♦  Wikipedia Article on the 2014 Referendum.
 (wikipedia) -  Archived copy of the 2014 official YES Campaign website.
♦  (wikipedia, youtube) -  Archived copy of the 2014 official NO Campaign website.
♦ - Archived copy of the 2014 official Scottish Government website. 
♦  The Wee Blue Book - The Facts the Papers Leave Out  [pdf, audioKindle (.mobi), eBook (.epub)]
♦  Where Does Scotland's Wealth Go? - report by

Scotland's Future [pdf copy] - a Scottish government white paper published in 2013 under then First Minister Alex Salmond laying out the case for Scottish independence and the means through which Scotland would become an independent country in personal union with the United Kingdom.
♦  List of Endorsements For (YES) and Against (NO).

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