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IndyRef2020.com was started as an expansion to The Scottish American's Political Section on Scottish Independence.  Dave Rogers is the editor of The Scottish American, which introduces and connects Americans and Canadians with Scotland's history, tourism, people, culture, and politics.  Dave is a veteran website developer and an avid student of history in Scottish, English, and American government.

"I feel one of the most fascinating and inspiring current political and historical events currently taking place is Scotland's resurgence of a movement for independence from England, as being a part of the United Kingdom. I can say that as a Scottish-American I am proud of the awakening that is happening politically in Scotland. Every people, every nation, have a duty to govern themselves in order to provide the best government for their people. Self-Government, It is a right and a duty."

Dave is a hard researcher, experienced writer, teacher, and DJ, and enjoys spending many hours reviewing and picking the best of the best in videos and resources. He learns from Scots in and outside Scotland (among others) who have a shared interest in seeing Scotland become independent.  Dave is a volunteer and does not get paid for his work and does this purely for the love of Scotland and its people.  Website expenses are low and Dave pays the costs out of his own pocket. 

Dave Rogers, Editor

The website will continue to expand and develop rapidly to keep pace with the 2020 campaign events, both pre- and post- referendum.  We will also increase our efforts in the upcoming April 2020 celebration of the 700th Anniversary of the Scottish Declaration of Independence - the Declaration of Arborath.

Hope you all enjoy the website, videos, links and documentaries.

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