Your Guide to the Scottish Independence Movement  —  Learn about the Modern Scottish Independence Movement from the latest news and efforts on the 2020 referendum, to the 2014 referendum, to the movement's history back to the 1930s. This guide includes hundreds of videos and links to key resources and websites that visually and culturally immerse you into this inspiring and historic political awakening.  This Guide is written for those in Scotland and abroad to connect to and become a participant in the making of history.

♦  IndyRef2020 Rally - 2 Nov 2019 - Glasgow
[ watch videos ] The rally kicking off the campaign for a new independence referendum was held
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Introduction to the Scottish Independence Movement

Flower of Scotland (adopted National Anthem)
lyrics, about the song, Battle of Bannockburn

Introduction to the Modern Scottish Independence Movement

"Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely."

This observation, quoted above, is about a person's sense of morality and ethics tends to decrease as his or her power increases. It was made by Lord Acton, a British historian of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Modern Scottish Independence Movement

Over the past 300 years, and even more so today, English dominance and control over Scottish political affairs have led to a breaking point. In the past 50 years the two major parties, the Conservatives and Labour, when they were in charge of the UK Government, have used the power of the government in subterfuge against the Scottish people, working against their desire to become independent. The more you study UK politics and its dark secrets that are now coming to light, it becomes clear that the British Government's abuse, usury, manipulation, and dis-respect of the Scottish people has become the central cause for this break. In this modern movement for Scottish sovereignty, the Scottish people are claiming their right to determine and manage their own affairs. Every people have a duty to govern themselves in order to provide the best government for their people.  This is both a right and a duty.

In 2014, Scotland narrowly voted down in a referendum to withdraw from the United Kingdom. But the story does not end there. In the aftermath of that referendum, new light has shown the absolute despotic manipulation and false political propaganda coming from the Unionist (anti-independence) controlled BBC and English government authorities. This, in effect, has shown the true colours and nature of how the English authorities feel and treat the Scottish people. In doing so, since 2014, this has sparked even more Scots into this movement for Independence from England. 

Wikipedia Article on "The Scottish Independence Movement"

Events Fueling Scottish Independence

In 1997 Scotland voted yes in what was called a "devolution referendum" of some governmental powers from London back to the people of Scotland and created a Scottish Parliament that began in 1999. There continues to be on-going political fighting back-and-forth over these political powers, some powers being revoked by London. This conflict has led to, especially after the 2014 referendum, the recent majority coalition control of the Scottish Parliament and government of by the SNP (Scottish National Party) who's key platform is Scottish Independence.  The Unionist (anti-independence) control over the media including newspapers and the BBC and the heavy anti-independence propaganda they pushed on Scotland promoted a landslide of negativity, lies, and scare tactics in the 2014 referendum. Now the truth is coming to light, back-firing on the Unionists, giving explosive fuel to the growth towards a second independence referendum.

In 2016 there was a UK-wide Brexit Referendum vote on whether to leave the European Union. The majority of the UK voted to leave. The majority of Scotland voted to remain in the European Union, England and Wales voted to leave.  Called "Brexit" it has become another issue showing division and different visions for each country's future giving additional explosive fuel to the Scottish Independence Movement and a second independence referendum.

A Duty to Establish Scottish Independence

Every people, every nation, have a duty to govern themselves in order to provide the best government for their people.  Many looking at Scotland from the outside often find the situation in Scotland perplexing, wondering why Scotland has not become independent yet.  In America, a main Conservative principle is liberty, freedom, and democracy - but even in America, many politicians have become corrupt. In Scotland, independence is not traditionally supported as much by conservatives because they also tend to be Unionists (anti-Independence) who want to keep the United Kingdom, well, united. What is the common thread?  When politicians trade their most sacred trust and their foundational duty of only working for the best interests of the people they represent - and trade it for some other "higher" loyalty, then that is the slippery slope to that leads to corruption and abuse. 

Regardless of one's political persuasion, EVERYONE should support independence: a right to make your own decisions instead of letting outsiders do it.  In Scotland, pro-independence groups are more likely to be politically centre or left of centre (liberal).  Pro-independence Scots, on the other hand, do cross all political parties, as one can see why. 

“The government closest to the people serves the people best.”
Thomas Jefferson, a Scottish-American,
author of the Declaration of Independence and a Founding Father of America.

A basic principle of good government is: the government closest to you is the best and most capable of being effective.  Looking at the history of Scotland and England and the history of the United Kingdom, there has been a clear power monopoly by England to force its will upon Scotland. Although at times this dominance over Scotland may have been benevolent or beneficial, it was not always, and England still remained in control of Scotland's future. This is not a healthy way to have any type of relationship, with anyone - it is always prone/apt for abusive of the weaker.  This is definitely not a healthy way to provide the best government for your own people and only provides an opportunity for abuse.

"Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely."
- Lord Acton


Current News and Issues on Scottish Independence

12 Dec 2019 Election ResultsWhat does it take to set an official date for an Independence Referendum Vote?
There are several, some which have already been achieved, like a mandate from the Scottish public AND passage of laws required to organise a referendum (passed by Scottish Parliament on 19 Dec 2019).  The FIRST hurdle is to get a Section 30 Order from the UK Government.  While some say this is not absolutely required, the Scottish Government's position is they prefer one in order to put beyond any doubt the legality of any future referendum. See the Section 30 Order agreement for the 2014 referendum
On 19 Dec, Nicola Sturgeon official sent an official letter to the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, requesting a Section 30 Order. In the past, Johnson has voiced his opposition, so now the Battle begins through additional pressure on the Prime Minister and potential legal court challenges.  The SNP has lots of experience in this area including the recent win in October 2019 against Boris Johnson for his illegal suspension of the UK Parliament. 

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#subsidisingtheuk   #oilwealth

Scotland subsidising the UK
Including Scottish Oil Wealth, Westminster's mis-management, cover-up and transfer away from Scotland

Scotland has been subsidising (giving more than they take) the United Kingdom since before the 1960s and the discovery of the North Sea Oil.  After its discovery, the North Sea Oil made the UK wealthy instead of making Scotland one of the wealthiest nations in the world.  Since the 1970s, the UK (mostly Scotland) and Norway have produced relatively the same amount of oil and gas from the North Sea. Norway managed it's oil resources wisely, investing in the future and today has has the world's largest sovereign wealth fund, worth over $1 trillion US dollars and growing. 

Who Subsidies Who? A look at the numbers, not taking oil tax revenue into account, Scotland clearly has been subsidising the UK government spending. 

Over 50% of English voters and over 75% of English Conservatives incorrectly still believe Scotland is subsidised by the UK, as seen in the October 2019 Lord Ashcroft Poll.  With the English in control of Westminster and Scotland's future, the UK Government will remain an English government, serving English priorities and disregarding the reality and voices of the Scots.


♦  John Jappy Article: "Scotland contributed much more to the UK economy than its other partners. This was, of course, before the oil boom (of the 1970s)."   — John Jappy, former UK General Accounting Division. Involved in the preparation of National Budgets.
♦  How black gold was hijacked: North sea oil and the betrayal of Scotland - The Independent Newspaper (Dec 2005)
"In 1975, the (UK) Government faced a dilemma: how to exploit the potential of its new oil fields without fuelling demands for Scottish independence. So it buried the evidence."
♦  The 1974 UK Gov Top Secret McCrone Report  (read report, original) - Report on the Economy and Oil Wealth of Scotland. (wikipedia)
♦  The 1999 Stolen Scottish Seas & Oil Fields - (6000 sq miles) - Map, Blog Article, Technical Article by Craig Murray  - see also wikipedia  — stolen oil fields: Nov 2019 GIS map (with oil wells) source: UK Oil & Gas Authority GIS.
♦  North Sea Oil Revenue and Stats
♦  Untapped Atlantic Oil and Gas rivals the North Sea.
Industry experts conclude that untapped oil and gas in the West Coast will last for at least 100 years, with a whole value of more than £1 trillion.   - (2014)     - Unite The Union Offshore (2017)
♦  Shell pays no income tax in 2014 and 2018 despite making billions.
The UK Government gives billions in tax breaks to oil companies for decommissioning their own oil rigs in the North Sea.
The Independent, June 2017  |  The Telegraph, Dec 2019
♦  Business for Scotland:
     ◊  Where Does All Scotland's Wealth Go?
     ◊  Scottish oil production forecasts rise by nearly 50% (March 2019)
     ◊  Other Oil & Gas News

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The Journey to a Second Independence Referendum

Regardless of one's political views, most people would agree that it is better to make decisions for yourself than to have decisions made for you by outsiders. England's political vision and philosophy for their country's future and Scotland's vision have been shown to be distinctly different, as was seen in the June 2016 Brexit Referendum. The United Kingdom as a whole voted to leave/exit (Brexit) the European Union while Scotland voted to stay in the EU. Any future alliance, federation, or trade union made by an independent Scotland with England or any nation, should be done so as equals. Such decisions should be solely in the hands of the Scots and no other.
♦  How Brexit has caused Scotland and Wales to rethink independence.

♦  The Wee Black Book - What Happened AFTER Scotland Voted No  [pdf]
♦  The Smith Commission - Failed Promises by the UK Government after the 2014 "NO" vote to give more powers to the Scottish Government.   wikipedia | Scottish Parliament webpage | 2015 archived Smith Commission website
♦  Scottish Claim of Right of 1989  -  The Scottish People are Sovereign.


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The Brexit Effect on the Breaking Up of the UK Union
Brexit has caused deep divisions within the UK. There has been an increasing call for independence in Scotland and Wales.  In Northern Ireland there are possible Brexit implications of a breakdown of peace and the talk of re-unification with Ireland.

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